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Chimney Cowls

Sootys Chimney Cowls

At Sootys we also offer as a service, the supply and fitting of chimney pots, Bird, anti down draught and breather cowlings.

Sootys only use British Standard cowls, sourced from the UK.

Chimney CowlBird cowls

In today’s society, with fewer and fewer trees and hedges, birds and squirrels are looking for a warm cosy and accessible place to nest. Unfortunately a chimney flue is both cosy warm and accessible, unless it has been fitted with a bird cowl.

Bird and squirrel nests are not only unwanted but are also dangerous as they can block the flue gasses from escaping causing carbon monoxide build up. They may also present a health and hygiene hazard as maggots and insects often live within these nests as do dangerous fungal spores.

Anti down draught cowls

In some areas of high pressure or turbulent air, back smoking of the fire might occur, in some cases this can be remedied by fitting an aspirator to the chimney top. A Sooty Sweep will advise on any problems found while sweeping a chimney free of charge.